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KROS fully endorses the priorities of the National Computerization Program

lmj, Śro, 2007-04-18 15:04

The Coalition for Open Standards fully endorses the priorities of the National Computerization Program approved by the government of the Republic of Poland.

One of the top three priorities announced by the government for development of the state’s ICT systems is technological neutrality which will be achieved by using open, publicly available IT standards.

The coalition fully supports the government's decision to mandate use of open standards in administration.

Warsaw, April 17, 2007 – Steering committee of the Coalition for Open Standards expressed full support for the National Computerization Program (NCP) recently approved by the Council of Ministers of the Government of Poland. Third priority of NCP recommends use of open, publicly available IT standards and recognizes the priority of technological neutrality in all government led IT projects for the process of computerization of the State. The government’s decision conforms directly to the demands of the Coalition for Open Standards, founded in December 2006. The implementation of NCP scheduled for the period of 2007-2010 will give Poland an opportunity to follow other European Union members, such as France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium or UK, where open standards have been the main focus for governmental organizations since many years.

By definition, open standards are transparent and provide free access to a given standard's specification. This gives administration, citizens and business an ability to ease communication, free access to information and technological neutrality of the State, which contributes to the growth of competitiveness and innovation of Polish IT businesses.
For example, even though data formats used in still-prevalent office applications are common, currently they are not open (examples include: .doc for text documents, .xls for spreadsheets, IPX/SPX and NetBEUI for network protocols etc.). As opposed to formats controlled by a single manufacturer, open standards are managed by independent organizations, which ensures their future growth and conformity to the technological neutrality prerequisite, as well as guarantees that all IT technology providers are treated equally.

Free access to standards and their definitions enables every single company to compete on equal terms on the market, without the need to spend extra budget for the license for the patent rights associated with the standard. This fair competition drives the creation of increasingly better and cheaper solutions, while users obtain a guarantee of free choice and security of access to data in the future.

Information about Coalition

The Coalition for Open Standards (Koalicja na Rzecz Otwartych Standardow – KROS) was founded by leading ICT companies and organizations in Poland in 2006. KROS aims to promote open IT standards and take specific actions in order to guarantee - also from legal perspective - the free, open and easy choice of IT solutions used for processing and transferring information by citizens, business entities and administration in Poland. The coalition is open and welcomes any company or organization that endorse the Coalition’s goals.
More information, including the current list of KROS members, is available at:

Press contact:

e-mail: kros[at]standardy[dot]pl
Rafał Kruschewski (tel. +48 603594461), Łukasz Świątek (tel. +48 602351595)


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